+ Booking a Flight

  1. Which name should I use on my airline ticket ?
  2. Can I select a particular seat when I book my flight ?
  3. How do I request special meals ?
  4. Why can't I book a Round the World ticket ?
  5. How far in advance can I book a flight ?
  6. Can I purchase a ticket for someone else ?
  7. Why is the fare shown not available when attempting to purchase ?
  8. What is a one-way ticket and can I book one ?
  9. How will I receive my confirmation and travel documents when I book online ?

+ Ticketing

  1. How are the tickets delivered ?
  2. Booking the Cheaper flights ticket with more than 999 Airlines - How it works?
  3. What is an Electronic ticket ?
  4. Are taxes included in the price of my fare ?
  5. I didn't get a confirmation email for my booking. What should I do?
  6. How do I search for flights for a large group ?

+ Baggage

  1. How much Baggage is permitted on the flight ?
  2. What if I exceed the dimensions or weight of my checked baggage ?
  3. What if my bag took too long to appear in the baggage claim area and I missed my flight ?
  4. What is cabin baggage ?
  5. What is checked baggage ?
  6. Do I have to re-check my baggage ?
  7. What is Baggage Fees Information ?

+ ID Requirements & Visa's

  1. What travel documents do I need? Do I need a Visa ?
  2. My passport validity is less than 6 months. Can I book a flight using my passport ?
  3. What identification documents will children below 12 years old need for travel ?
  4. Do I need a visa to enter the country I am visiting or traveling through ?
  5. What documents will I need at the airport for my children and/or infant ?
  6. What if I arrive without a visa ?
  7. What if I have an APEC card ?
  8. When do I need to prepare a fever vaccination certificate ?

+ Before Your Flight & Checking In

  1. Do I need to reconfirm my flight reservation ?
  2. Will Flight Centre notify me if there is a schedule change on my flight reservations ?
  3. Why did my flight schedule change ?
  4. Do I need new tickets if the airline changes my flight schedule ?
  5. When should I check-in ?
  6. What is required when I check-in?

+ Travelling with Children

  1. What is the airfare for infants ?
  2. Can my child travel alone ?
  3. Can I book minors online ?

+ Frequent Flyer Program

  1. What is Frequent Flyer Program?
  2. If I have 50,000 American Airlines miles, does that mean I can only use them on American Airlines flights?
  3. When I use frequent flyer miles, will my flight be free?
  4. If I am using miles from one airline but flying on a partner airline, whose award chart do I use to determine how many miles it will cost?
  5. How do I earn the Point in my Frequent Flyer Card ?
  6. Can I use my miles to book a ticket for someone else, or vice versa ?

+ Payments and Billing

  1. What credit/debit cards are accepted for online payment ?
  2. How do I obtain a receipt for my travel reservation ?
  3. I entered a promo code, how can I be sure I received the discount ?
  4. How safe are my credit card details ?
  5. How do I change the credit card I used to purchase my my reservation ?
  6. Why is there an international/foreign transaction fee on my credit card statement ?
  7. What is our service fee including ?
  8. What is the Taxes and Fees ?
  9. What is Verification Payment Guideline ?
  10. What is the difference between single payment and two-step payment ?

+ Changes & Cancellations

  1. What are the fees for changing my ticket ?
  2. If I want to refund my tickets, who should I contact to ?
  3. What if my flight has been cancelled ?
  4. How can I change or cancel my flight reservation ?
  5. How do I request a refund for a ticket I will not be using ?
  6. How long does it normally take for a refund ?
  7. What are the fees for cancel my tickets ?
  8. How do I change details of my trip after I have completed the booking ?

+ Additional Services

  1. Why should I purchase travel insurance ?
  2. Can I fly with my pet ?
  3. How do I request special assistance or wheelchair assistance ?
  4. How can I select a seat ?


+ Beijing Capital International Airport

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