Refund policy

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. You must not make any booking unless you understand and agree with the following terms and conditions about refund policy of These terms and conditions apply to bookings you make with our consultants (over phone or by email) as well as online bookings you make on our website.

All cancellation request have to send to us within 15 minutes, from time we receive your booking. However, no refund is processed until we get the confirmation from airlines

2. Any amounts accrued and/or becoming payable on account of refunds shall be refunded to credit/debit card used to purchase the Booking or adjusted against the dues of the Customer as per the following schedule:

2.1. Within 7 (Seven) -Twenty One (21) business days of Cheapflightscorp’s receipt of cancellation request, subject to the cancellation fees quoted at the time of quote and all restrictions and/or penalties imposed by the airlines..

2.2. No Show Tickets: After Twenty One (21) business days and only after Cheapflightscorp receives a refund from the airline wherever applicable.

3. Cheapflightscorp will charge a Cancellation fee as the table below to the Customer over and above any applicable airline fees, for all refund transactions.

Cancellation & Refunds
Air - Economy Air - Business/First
Cancellation with Refund
(Document submited/ full payment)
Domestic International Domestic International
US$ 100 US$ 250 US$ 250 US$ 250

4. If the payment has been made by direct debit-bank transfer, the amount will be credited to the same bank account that it was debited from.

5. If the credit card/ debit card you used for payment has expired or been canceled, the refund can be paid to any other card which you hold at the same bank. If you are no longer with the same bank, you can contact a Cheapflightscorp Office with an official confirmation letter written by the bank.

6. In some cases, the refund processing time will take up to 60 days to receive a statement listing the refund, of course subject to your credit card as well as the billing cycles of your credit card company. Any applicable refund service charge will be deducted from the amount refunded.

7. Cheapflightscorp will not refund for these cases below:

7.1. Customers who have purchased tickets but they don’t arrive in time of carrying out the flight procedures at the airports.

7.2. Customers who have purchased tickets but they don’t use it or do not comply with the itinerary showed on the tickets.

7.3. Customers who have bought the tickets but they do not use the entire journey as purchased.

7.4. Customers who has been denied at check - in counter at the airports cause they don’t have enough personal papers according to the rules such as: passport, visa, identity card,... or required documents when travelling with minors.

7.5. We do not take any responsibilities for denied check - in due to incorrect personal information and any losses incurred. Though every effort will be made on our part to correct any booking issues prior to departure, no refund will be given by us in the event of false or incorrect information being supplied at the time of submission. We strongly recommend that you should check your e ticket against your passport and personal information prior to departure.

7.6. We do not take any responsibilities for overweight baggages or fee for extra baggages at the airport.

7.7. All reasons is determined to be due to force majeure circumstances.

7.8. Non-refundable tickets, tickets which the customers have got through promotional programs.